How do Abdomen Tuck Jeans Work?

First of all, the brand in question is usually ‘Not Your Children JeansĀ®’, who claim to be the original and best designers. Their designs are protected, which might explain their market dominance — internet searches for this form of jean invariably introduces stockists for this exact brand Leslie Jean Designs.

The term ‘Tummy tuck’ itself is borrowed from cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery, where it refers to abdominoplasty surgery. The surgery removes excess skin and fat to create more shapely tummies plus sometimes repairing damaged abdomen muscles. The jeans aren’t promising such medical effects, but promise their effect is so slimming you will want to order a one dress size down. Another feature is unlike the surgery, the jeans also strive for a lifting buttock effect.

The brand has several design-protected features. Extra sewing is included in the backside to lift the bottom. Clever cross sewn panels help to control the abdomen. The material used is also different — a special weave of denim. Traditional control wear incorporates around 25% spandex, but this denim uses 4% instead. The lifting and by using properties have to be wearable, so the combination of tailoring and fabric choice is aimed at making them ultra-comfortable. They are also higher-waisted. This means wearers are unlikely to experience underwear suddenly on show when folding or reaching over, as can happen in lower waisted conventional styles.

Fashion writers have described the effect as strongly controlling for figure yet extremely comfortable and practical for active wear. Comfort and control are equally featured in the brand’s explanation of the development and design of the garment. Lisa Rudes-Sandel and sibling Leslie designed and developed the product range as a specific respond to a hole they felt in the market for wearable control jeans. Family connections also gave them a through working familiarity with denim wear, as their father George Rudes produced a biggest selling denim line, Saint Germain. Another feature is the company’s claim that wearers will drop one dress size — being forced to order a lesser size than normal. This could be a strong confidence boost for girls struggling to maintain an ideal weight, or for older women, just to be able to wear the same size as with their twenties.